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The surprising world of synaesthesia

James was interviewed by Jack Dutton of the British Psychological Society about his form of Syneasthesia

Nowness: A Synaesthetic Sunday Roast

I can across this article today

Daily Mail Online

What does YOUR train station taste like? Man who 'tastes' words comes up with a flavour for each of the 274 London Underground stations, from jelly to Spam fritters and 'wet sand'

MSN: Man creates map of what each station in subway system tastes like

It probably wouldn't be that unusual to say a subway station smells like putrid meat or cabbage water, but to James Wannerton, the stops along the London Underground taste like that to him. The 54-year-old British man has lexical-gustatory synesthesia, a neurological disorder in which senses that are usually experienced separately are linked so that he can actually taste words and sounds.

The man who can taste the Tube map

Most London commuters have a love/hate relationship with the Underground depending on their experience of delays. But for one man, travelling on the Tube has a very particular effect.

Since childhood, James Wannerton from Dollis Hill in north London has had a condition called synaesthesia


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