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Taste Tube Map (TfL) A2 (594mm x 420mm)

Taste Tube Map (TfL) A2 (594mm x 420mm)

The A2 version (594mm x 420mm) of the Taste Tube map is printed on 200gsm paper which is then laminated with a satin finish, enhancing the colours and making it very durable.  It wouldn't necessarily need framing to keep it in good condition although it does look particularly good in a thin, black frame. As part of the agreement with Transport for London, a percentage of the cost of the map goes directly to the UK Synaesthesia Association which is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting awareness of synaesthesia and other related neurological traits.

The TfL version is part of a very limited edition run because the map was originally created specifically for use within University Psychology faculties as an eye-catching and unique way of explaining the mechanics of synaesthesia to neurology students.

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